Our ‘Music In Quiet Places’ series continued with an evening of Mozart in Holy Trinity Church, Hereford. Here are a few thoughts from a member of the audience…

The second concert in the Music In Quiet Places series took place on Sunday Nov. 22nd, featuring musicians from Chetham’s School in Manchester as well as Holy Trinity Church Choir and the Cathedral School’s Senior Chamber Choir. In a programme of music by Mozart, the audience were extremely well­ entertained with a Serenata Notturna, a Flute Concerto and the great C Minor Mass.


It was very difficult to grasp that most of the musicians were still of school age; the instrumentalists from Chetham’s travelled down from Manchester that morning and there was a coach waiting to whisk them back again at the end of the concert. They will have had a long and tiring day before school again on Monday! The flautist was a mere seventeen but performed without any music – and there can be no other “buts”, ­ the standard of all the performances was extremely high. The confidence and poise of Lucy Driver was shared by another seventeen year old, Rachel Roper, who took the second soprano part in the Mass. Her voice is mature and full and she was in her element with the other soloists, Lucy Bowen, Ruairi Bowen and Duncan Wilkins, all of whom are a great deal more experienced.

The entire project is brought together by a lot of hard work by David Evans, Director of Music at the Cathedral School and the man with the musical contacts (does the man ever sleep?) and a small team from HHCT, who liaise, help to set up and work tirelessly behind the scenes. (Below: HHCT Treasurer, David Furnival, with HHCT Chairman, the Earl of Darnley.)


Music in Quiet Places is such a worthwhile series of concerts; it aims to raise money for HHCT and to raise awareness of the Trust, which is worthy of support in itself. However, the standard of the music is so high that travelling to different venues to listen is fast becoming the easiest of things to do.

To view the 2015/16 schedule of concerts, click Programme of Concerts. (Below: HHCT Treasurer, David Furnival, introduced the evening.)


Confidence, Poise and Music in Quiet Places
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