We’re delighted that Kings Pyon has decided to try something slightly different in this year for Ride and Stride on 9th September.  The parish has put together a circular guided walk which will be lead by local resident Alan Biggs. The idea is that those who would like to participate will donate a fiver (or more if they wish) and then walk five miles from Kings Pyon leaving at 14.00 to pass by the small chapel in Ledgemoor and return to Kings Pyon for a cup of tea and piece of cake. What a superb idea and we would encourage other  parishes to do something similar, if they are able.

Alan asks that anyone who would like to come contacts him before the day so that, if nothing else, he can ensure that there is enough tea and cake! His telephone number is 01432 830353.

(Ledgemoor Chapel, left)


Herefordshire Historic Churches Trust