The Trust is concerned with the preservation, repair, maintenance, improvement, upkeep, beautification and reconstruction of Christian churches of all denominations within the boundaries of the County of Herefordshire. Several different types of grant are available:

Investigative Grants: Churches can apply for a grant of up to £1,000 to help with the costs of looking at a problem, for example a damp ceiling or cracks in the wall
Project Grants: Applications can be made for repairs, renovations and re-ordering and are awarded for amounts up to £10,000.  If the Church has a HLF grant, then HHCT follows the same proceedure of Stage I and Stage II grants.
Cornerstone Grants: The amount given is at the Trustees discretion but is given to churches of great historical merit or providing a community hub.
Loans available up to £10,000.
Herefordshire Historic Churches Trust